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Hi! Welcome to my website, I hope through scrolling you can learn more about my personality and passions! This past spring, I graduated from TCU with a Bachelor's of Business Administration in Marketing. I am excited to begin a new adventure as a Marketing Coordinator on the Brand & Advertising Team at American Airlines.


In addition to developing my marketing skills, TCU also taught me so much about my purpose in this life. As a believer in Jesus, I have dedicated my life to serving and loving others well. I have done this through deep genuine one-on-one relationships and being involved in organizations that I feel are making a difference.


I have also grown in my confidence to be boldly creative at TCU. Through my experiences, I developed my personal style, yet I am always open to growth. I also have loved helping others build their brands whether that's working on a startup company's unveiling or a friend's website. I am always looking for opportunities to create.


Dare to be Creative

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